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Ask us about our special pricing on Burris Scope and

Accessories with purchase of a Custom Rifle build. We are an exclusive dealer.

Popular Services We Offer

Blagg Rifle Stocks

All our stocks are pillar bedded. Optional Super Light Recoil Pads
available to lighten any rifle. All our stocks are built in house.
Please go to our Gallery of Photos to see examples of
our stocks.

Predator - 1.7 pounds

Classic - 1.5 pounds

Featherweight - 1.4 pounds


We have no inventory of firearms on hand. All special order firearms must be pre-paid.  

Long Guns

Custom rifles built to your specs using 

Remington receivers - call for pricing

Custom rifles built to your specs using 

our Signature receivers starting at $3350

Barrels installed includes truing action and bolt 

Install muzzle brake 

Rebarrel bolt action, does not include barrel 

Trigger adjust  

Bed action to stock pillars used where applicable 

Install recoil pad (pad not included)  

Blagg Rifle Stocks installed  

Cerakote long gun  

Hand Guns

Install Powder River trigger kits 

Install Glock and 1911 trigger kits  

Install Smith & Wesson M & P Apex trigger kits

 Most revolver trigger  

Custom milling sight slots - call for quote

Cerakote hand gun 

Clean and inspect firearm - minor and major

Minimum shop fee $25

Prices gladly quoted on services not listed above

Please call our shop phone:

Darin ~ 541-379-0092

Also we take cash, checks and credit cards.

We invite you to stop in.

Monday – Friday / 8 am – 4:00 pm

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