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Blagg Rifles delivers the best. They have excellent customer service. Darin and Lisa make you feel like family. Our family has used them to build three different rifles for our recreational and hunting needs. We highly recommend Blagg Rifles.



Darin was great to work with to order my custom gun. He listened to what I wanted and it was done much faster than anticipated. I had one problem come up with the bolt stop, Darin was quick to fix it. Excellent customer service. The gun has exceeded my expectations.



That is how I would describe my experience with Blagg Rifles over the years. I have had Blagg Rifles build

several custom rifles over the years, repair several store-bought firearms, and purchased optics to top

them off. Every experience has been outstanding when it comes to customer service. They are friendly,

professional, understanding and go out of their way to make sure the customer is happy. I would highly

recommend Blagg Rifles for any firearms needs.



Darin and Lisa Blagg provide awesome old-fashioned service by always exceeding our expectations and doing more than is expected, both as a business and as great members of our community.  It's a simple and effective way to be successful that seems to have been forgotten by many businesses that simply focus on the bottom line.  We are grateful they are here and are so dedicated to their community and customers. 



I've been wanting to buy a Blagg rifle for a long time now. In 2023, I pulled the trigger and bought one. When Darin called and said the only thing left was paint, I went up and told him what I was thinking.  They knocked the entire rifle out of the park. It's a beautiful gun and I know if I have any questions, all I have to do is call and they will always be happy to answer questions. They are a great family and I would highly recommend Blagg to anyone looking for a rifle.                  



I would like to take a few minutes and drop a note to y'all. 

I just want to voice my appreciation for the amazing service and products I've gotten over the years. I am not sure how many scopes I've bought over the years. As well as a few other items. The big one was the purchase of my 7 PRC I was lucky enough to get this spring.  I've got some good rifles in my safe but none shoot as consistently as my Blagg Rifle. The fit, finish, and quality are excellent in my opinion, and I cannot wait for the next one I get to buy. 

I just can't say enough about the quality of products, great service, and continued support I've always received. 

Thank you so much Darin and Lisa!



I’ve had new Blagg Rifles built as well as Triggers, Muzzle Brakes, Cerakoting, glass bedding and many other repairs. I am more than happy with everything Darin has done. Always top quality and he is wonderful to work with. A wealth of information on everything to do with guns and has thrown in some great fishing advice too!



Company: Blagg Rifles

Owners: Darin and Lisa Blagg

Location: Pendleton Oregon 

Can’t say enough good things about Darin and Lisa Blagg. 

I am a repeat customer. 

That says everything you need to know. 

Excellent products. 

Excellent customer service. 

Family owned and operated.  

Will go the extra mile for you. 




I have had two rifles built by Darin and although it has been a few years since the last one was built, I have not forgotten about the great way I was treated during both builds. Not only did Darin give me some great and needed advice on my first one, which was a Blagg Signature Series 7mag, but he always kept me up to date as both builds were going on and both were finished ahead of schedule.  Darin never tried to talk me into anything, yet, let me make all of the decisions along the way. Since I live 4-5 hours away, I was always accommodated when it came time to go to the shop, no matter if it was during shop hours or not. Both of the builds are exceptional in regards to detail and shoot like nothing I have ever owned before. Once my hunting partner saw my first build and witnessed how well it shot and performed, he was quick to set Darin loose on a build of his own. Of course, that prompted me to have Darin build another one for me.  Once again, it was the same great service and commitment from Darin and Lisa with equally as good of performance as the first. I recommend Blagg Rifles to everyone I know and will continue to do so.  






It was a very easy conversation with Darin to order a rifle. He was open and willing to give input and answers to questions. The rifle looks amazing and is so fun to shoot because of the care and craftsmanship he puts into his craft. 




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