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Blagg Rifles came highly recommended from Benchmark Barrels. I decided to have a custom rifle built after hunting for only a few years. I knew what I wanted in regards to the performance and the components that go into building a custom long range rifle. My preference was to have one rifle that would easily reach out to 500 yards and that I absolutely could use for deer, elk and all the plains game species of Africa. I was torn on which caliber to choose. I had been using my husbands .300 RUM and loved it, but there were challenges with the total weigh being a little heavy for me and the length of pull had me struggling with the eye relief needed for quick target acquisition. After a few conversations with Darin Blagg, we decided on a .300 Win Mag with a Stiller Action, Jewell Trigger, Benchmark Fluted Barrel, a muzzle break and the Varmint style composite stock produced by Blagg Rifles. Darin gave us a deadline and went to work. He showed great concern and care in wanting this to be right for me as a female hunter. As one can imagine, I was thrilled to have it arrive and eager to get some rounds fired through it. First grouping… five shots inside of an inch. Over the next few months, I got a bit more trigger time done, shooting successfully out to 400 yards. Then it was off to South Africa. It was our first safari and truly the most amazing experience of our lives. I harvested 3 animals and used 3 rounds of ammo. This custom rifle is set up perfectly for me and has made all the difference. Proud to Hunt! Thank you Darin & Lisa Blagg, Blagg Rifles, Inc.!!!

Best Regards. Shan 

Blagg Rifles is by far the best business I have worked with in regards to gun purchasing, gun repair and custom gun work. I have worked with them on many different occasions and the price, professionalism and friendliness of doing business with them is unmatched.


"I spoke to several gunsmiths and was very impressed with Blagg Rifles. I hired him to build my dream gun. Remington 700 action, #8 barrel chambered in 6.5 x 284 Norma. It was AWESOME. I was so impressed I had him build me another one in a 7mm mag, and again I was blown away by its performance. I would highly recommend Blagg Rifles and with my wife's blessings I am hoping for a third one".


I went to Darin to see if there was anything he could do to fix the accuracy drop off I was having in a Remington Mod 700 7mm Magnum. It was a factory gun when I gave it to him. He replaced the barrel, added a removable muzzle break with a thread protector when the break is not in use, tuned the trigger, and used the left over part of the barrel to make a chamber gauge . The work that he did completely changed the rifle. The rifle doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary, but the work that Darin did to it changed it 100%. It has turned that gun into my "Go too big game rifle". With hand loaded 175gr game kings it is a 1/2" moa rifle that almost shoots itself. I really think that everyone that is a hunter or target shooter owes it to themselves to have a rifle like this. When this setup starts to have accuracy issues, you can bet that I will head back to Darin to have him "Make it shoot". The best part about Darin is he stands behind his work, and I hope to be a customer of his for a long, long, time.


In search of a gunsmith that was not a year out on a custom build project I had almost given up. I heard about Blagg Rifles from a gun shop employee. I was on the phone with Darin the next day and within less than 2 months my first custom rifle was ready for me to pick up. Right away I was aware this rifle was ahead of my potential as a shooter. Two years later and 2 more rifle builds I'm still blown away with each one. With my fourth rifle on its way I'm eager for spring matches to start up. Thank you Blagg family for giving me the best tools possible to feed my passion.


Blagg Rifles built my 6.5 x 284 Norma Match from the ground up. Rem 700, Benchmark barrel, trued, Timney trigger, and Cerakoted Satin mag. By far the best rifle I own. Best group so far .181 at 100 yrds. Fast, affordable, and very accurate. If you want a custom firearm, this is the place. I am dreaming up my next one now.


Thirteen years I've waited to draw my antelope tag, and it finally happened. And after talking with friends I decided to take my old classic Remington 700 25-06 BDL to Darin to see if he could make it better. Oh better is an understatement this Rifle Rocks! On July 2 of this year I stepped into Darin's gun shop with Rifle in hand and another (New) beautiful nutmeg laminated stock in the other hand. And told him what wanted and ask, can you make this happen? knowing I've got a antelope tag to fill in 8 weeks. In 4 weeks he had it done! Rebarrel ( Benchmark fluted), new stock, bed action, trigger job, recoil lug. And after getting it back on July 28th I was blown away. As one of my buddy’s said” That’s a Sexy S.O.B.!” And I agree and boy does it shoot my hand loads /115gr VLD Berger bullets. After getting it tuned it will stack’em @ 100yds. I'm confident that I will be taking a trophy antelope this year with the help of this fine rifle. (Look out Billylope your going to get Blagged) And I will provide a beautiful photo of the antelope and rifle to display in Darin’s shop. Thanks Blagg Rifles, I will be seeing you again!


I have always had an attraction to heavy rifles capable of consistently putting bullets where I want them at extreme long ranges. Last fall my dad mentioned that he would enjoy a rifle capable of tackling long range hunting, but didn’t want to lug a 13+ lb rifle around. So I approached Darin about building a lightweight rifle that would be capable of the sub MOA accuracy needed for long range shooting. To my delight his response was, “No problem. What caliber you want?” After a little head scratching we came up with a Remington 700 action with a 25” 5R barrel chambered in 280 Ackley Improved sitting in a custom sporter style stock and topped with a Leupold CDS scope. The finished product was a sharp looking rifle that is comfortable to shoulder and pack. The true test was seeing how it would shoot and how it would compare to my proven heavy rifles on the range. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at best. Boy was I wrong! Right out of the gate I shot a 0.226" groups at 100yds. A set of CDS dials later and that little 8 ½ lb. rifle is consistently making first shot hits at 1,000yds! After seeing how well dad’s rifle turned out I decided to have an old rifle rebuilt into a 6x47 Lapua, as well as take my beat up old 1911 in for some attention. The 1911 came back with a sleek new cerakote finish that made it look brand new and a crisp, clean 3lb trigger. It shoots better than it ever has. Now I can hardly wait to shoot the Lapua! I am not sure whether to thank Blagg Rifles for the great work or curse you for further fueling my addiction to accuracy!

Thanks Darin and Lisa,


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