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       Darin and Lisa Blagg, Owners
Welcome to Blagg Rifles LLC. We are a small family business, located in Pendleton Oregon. Our passion started out as a hobby and flourished into a wonderful opportunity to give excellent customer service to our friends and customers. We appreciate each and every one of our customers.
We Have Our Own Signature Action....Check It Out.
Give us a call so we can price out your new Signature Rifle
About Us
Darin Blagg began competing in Hunter Benchrest in 1996. In order to stay competitive, Darin set out to build his own Benchrest rifles. He purchased his first lathe and milling machine and began to teach himself. With outstanding results, he was hooked. Shortly the shop started filling with machinery.
Our new shop is now equipped with three Lathes, Cerakote Oven, Knee Mill and Glass Bead Cabinet. In 2013 we added another new Gunsmith Lathe to keep up with our customers needs. When we began Blagg Rifles, excellent customer service was our number one priority because we knew if we made you happy, the rest would take care of itself.
We moved into our new shop the last weekend of February 2013. We take pride in being your Gunsmith Machine Shop. We love to create your dream rifle or repair your cherished favorite firearm. Our lobby inventory was designed around the needs of our customers and what they needed to clean, maintain and accessorize their firearms.  Our lobby is a compact 8 x 10 space. We choose not to have ammo or firearms on display for sale. We simply can’t compete with WalMart, BiMart or any other Sporting Goods store. We gladly will special order
whatever your heart desires.
We have two phone lines for your convenience.
 Darin ~541*379*0092 or Corey ~541*379*0114
Also we take cash, checks and credit cards.
We invite you to stop in.
Monday – Friday / 8am – 5pm
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